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he Sin Tax Bill is a youth issue Students from University of the Philippines throw their support behind a bill that they think will benefit the country and the Filipino youth... By ANGELO G. GARCIA September 15, 2012, 10:47am THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines Economics Towards Consciousness together with other UP school organizations hold a Sin Tax Consciouness Parade at the Diliman campus to inform fellow students about the advantages of passing the law. While the highly controversial Reproductive Health Bill has succeeded the consciousness of all sectors of the society, another bill is yet causing a stir among Filipinos, the youth included — the Sin Tax bill. The proposed bill aims to increase the excise tax on tobacco and alcohol products that are being sold in the country. This means an additional of as much as R30 tax on a pack of cigarettes, and R300 per proof liter for liquor. The Philippines is one of the countries in the world that sells the cheapest cigarettes and liquor. Some groups have said that the reform bill will benefit the country one way or another. For one, the increased tax will greatly increase government revenues, and the pricier “sin products” may lower the number of its users. But the University of the Philippines Economics Towards Consciousness (UP ETC) would like to see the issue beyond just raising revenues and lowering the number of consumers. It’s all about how the tax revenues may benefit ordinary Filipinos. Last Wednesday, the student organization held a Sin Tax Consciousness Parade on UP Diliman grounds to voice out their support for the passing of the Sin Tax Bill. UP ETC, along with students from different organizations such as UP Alyansa, UP Green League and Alpha Phi Beta fraternity, marched around the academic oval of UP Diliman to inform students on the bill currently pending in the Senate. The House will resume

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