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As I waltz through the ballroom of life. I get to uncover certain mysteries that I once thought were too far from me or that I would never have the displeasure of coming across. Presently gliding across the ballroom with me is the most gracious duke I have ever met called friendship. With his hands on my waist Nd my cheek on the lapel of his jacket, I have this sensation in my gut that a piece of the puzzle my life has turned out to be is finally in place. But then it appears I was misconstrued cause this was not to be. From my peripheral vision I caught sight of the most cruel and horrendous looking man who was gazing at me with so much disdain, rumours had it that he was marquis enmity. I could tell that my happiness would be cut short. I had hoped that the duke would hold on to me even if the marquis came our way but then it was not to be as he let me b scuffled away, even as I tripped on my ballgown and fell, he watched as the marquis dragged me by my hair and pulled me across the ballroom. The last I saw of him was him turning his back to me. As I wondered as to my fate, I caught a glimpse of the most flawless being I have ever layed my sight on.... I remember seeing her as I made my entrance into the ballroom, she was the lady of the house....she was lady love. She walked with so much grace,poise and purpose towards the marquis making him halt. As I struggled to regain my composure I could hear her sternly tell him to let go of me. Then she bent and helped me up, she looked into my eyes and said "hold your head high and don't give up yet, for what you seek you shall soon find, and as to lord friendship give him sometime to sort himself out". With that she lifted my chin up and tucked my hand in her arm and seeing the wistful look in my eyes she smiled and pat my hand, then handed me over to my chaperone telling her av had enough for one

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