Mystery Essay

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1. The composer has used various techniques to represent their view of belonging. This technique will show Zhu Bao’s alienation due to the language and cultural barrier that he is in. The negative connotation of “not”, “nobody” “never” expresses the length between the town and himself and how nobody has tried or attempted to allow him a sense of network by teaching him the language, this also means the lack of connection through language has been established. The following techniques show how Zhu needs to change in order for him to adapt to the society. The repetition of “ you must try” shows his first attempt to form a connection with the towns people. Descriptive language has been used to create an image of anxiety and nervousness ”they were jumbled… sweat on his neck”. This emphasises his desire to make a connection with someone, his desire to adapt. His desire is successful when the pair introduces themselves and he makes Natalie giggle with his accent. Thus changing the atmosphere to one of a new friendship. The bike is symbolic of Zhu’s past life, he tries to reconnect with it to find a sense of belonging. This is evident through the imagery of “how the yellow sunlight would make the streets glow as he rode home from work”. The simile of “but the bicycle ride afterward had always made him feel like a man again” establishes another connection to a sense of identity and that he belonged. This paragraph underlined is very

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