Mysteries Surrounding Mary of Magdala

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Mysteries Surrounding Mary of Magdala Small Group Bible Study 30 minutes Beverly Golladay NBST 521 Dr. R. Wayne Stacy, Professor August 17, 20011 OUTLINE Thesis: This essay will seek to answer the question of who Mary of Magdala was and enlighten the reader to facts concerning her life and her close relationship to Jesus. I. Introduction II. Looking at the Text III. Lesson 1: The Mix-up of the Identity of Mary Magdalene IV. Lesson 2: Transformation of Mary Magdalene V. Lesson 3: Devotion of Mary Magdalene VI. Conclusion VII. Bibliography Introduction Matthew, Mark, Luke and John make mention of many of the male disciples and followers of Jesus repeatedly, bur few about the women who were followers of Jesus. There were several women who had a close relationship with Jesus. One was a woman called Mary of Magdala, eventually called Mary Magdalene. Who was this woman that has interested so many? Was she the same person named Mary of Bethany? Was she the woman from Samaria? Was she the woman who anointed Jesus at Bethany that is recorded in Mark 14:3-9 and John 12: 1-11? This essay attempts to answer Mary Magdalene’s transformation and her devotion to Jesus during the Galilean ministry, entering Jerusalem, to the cross and at the tomb. The reader will experience the grief of the followers of Jesus as they hover around the cross. The reader will follow along with the women as they watch His burial and experience the excitement when the Angels announce that Jesus “is not here” just before the appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene. What does this all mean to the modern reader? Looking at the Text The first mention of Mary Magdalene is in Luke 8: 2-3, a small section about this woman who was cleansed of seven demons. She comes into importance when Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last

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