Myself as a Teacher Essay

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Ever since my nephew was old enough to walk, he had a bat in his hands. It is not only my passion but also my entire families passion. My mom played softball and my dad and brothers played baseball. So it was only natural for him to love the game too. And at the age of seven, he shares the same desire. To start off with I bought him a sponge bat and ball to make sure he didn’t hurt himself. While he got the hang of it and when I felt he was ready, around the age of three, I bought him a fifteen ounce Easton bat. He loved it and that’s when I actually started teaching him the proper way to swing. He came over twice a week and we practiced each time he came over. We started with his feet because he liked to do this spinning thing which caused him to pull his head and it was too hard to hit the ball. Keeping your head locked on the ball is probably the most important thing because if you can’t see the ball you can’t hit the ball. I taught him to keep his feet planted, shoulder width apart. Also taught him to stay on the balls of his feet and slightly bend his knees to maintain proper balance. After we got his feet set I moved to the arms and hands. We went step by step through the process to make sure he was really getting the hang of it. I taught him to keep his shoulder and hands in and drive the knob of the bat towards to ball and explode through the ball. There were drills we did to make sure he would do it right every time. One drill was top hand and bottom hand. Where you only had one hand on the bat at a time and he would swing at balls on a tee. This drill not only taught him to keep his hands in but also by hitting off a tee allowed him to practice hitting the center of the ball every time. Another drill we did was front toss, which basically just allowed him to see the ball coming like a real pitch. These drills allow him to pull the bat through the

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