Myrtle Wilson's Ambiguity In The Great Gatsby

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Chapter One: 1.) He describes himself as a person who reserves his judgment and is often chosen as the person people tell secrets to. 2.) He describes him as a very strong, very wealthy man who was very extravagant with his spending. 3.) Jordan Baker is Daisy’s friend who interests him. 4.) Gatsby is sitting at a table with Nick when Nick first meets him. Interpreting Meanings 1.) His ambiguity towards Gatsby in his initial description of him is he is trying to make out exactly who Gatsby is and what he’s like without judging him, he’s trying to remain faithful by holding back judgment. 2.) Nick’s description of Tom shows he does not trust or really much like the man but respects and fears him and is polite to him to please Daisy.…show more content…
Myrtle is seen as a sensuous, real woman with a lot of focus on her breasts and hips. 3.) The setting of this party is loud and drunk but still awkward and controlled by Tom, just like the first party was. 4.) Tom attacks Myrtle because she keeps saying Daisy’s name and this proves they still have a relationship and he still cares a lot about her. Chapter Three: 1.) Nick was actually invited by Gatsby to come to the party. 2.) Nick doesn’t recognize Gatsby and he does not like him. 3.) The party is very wild with lots of drunken people and music and food. There is a cheerful, fun atmosphere. 4.) He finds it extraordinary the books are real. 5.) He finds he is interested in her and she knows Gatsby. Interpreting Meanings: 1. Fitzgerald describes the party to portray and illustrate the extravagant and luxurious parties have become so popular in New York. 2. Nick characterizes the guests at Gatsby’s party as either high class wealthy or, like some of the guests, rough people from the “wrong side of the tracks”. His characterizations tell us he is not incredibly fond of the guests. In his description we get a feeling the Jazz Age was lavish and full of new fads and emergence of
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