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Melchora Aquino de Ramos (January 6, 1812 – March 2, 1919) was a Filipina revolutionary who became known as "Tandang Sora" ("Elder Sora") in the history of the Philippines because of her age when the Philippine Revolution broke out in 1896 (she was already 84 at the time). She is also known as the "Grand Woman of the Revolution" and the "Mother of Mother of Laurel for her contributions to Philippine history. Contents [hide] * 1 Early life and marriage * 2 Involvement in the revolution * 3 Filipino appreciation * 4 References ------------------------------------------------- Early life and marriage[edit] Aquino was born on January 6, 1812, in Balintawak.[1] Aquino, daughter of a peasant couple, Juan and Valentina Aquino, never attended school. However, she was apparently literate at an early age and talented as a singer and performed at local events as well as at Mass for her Church. She was also often chosen for the role of Reyna Elena during the "Santacruzan", a processional pageant commemorating Empress Helen's finding of the Cross of Christ, celebrated in the Philippines in May.[1] Later in life, she married Fulgencio Ramos,[1] a cabeza de barrio (village chief), and bore six children. Ramos died when their youngest child was seven and she was left as a single parent for their children. Aquino continued her life as an hermana mayoractive in celebrating fiestas, baptisms, and weddings.[1] She worked hard in order to give her children an education.[1] ------------------------------------------------- Involvement in the revolution[edit] In her native town, Tandang Sora operated a store,[2] which became a refuge for the sick and wounded revolutionaries.[1] She fed,[1]gave medical attention to and encouraged the revolutionaries with motherly advice and prayers. Secret meetings of the Katipuneros(revolutionaries) were also held at her house.

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