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Esraa Abo-Zed Professor Rahman PHR126 Islamic Scriptures Mid-Term 1. The word Jihad from the Arabic roots means “strive.” All other words resulting from this root include “effort,” “labor,” “tiredness.” Jihad is basically the effort to practice religion in the face of cruelty and harassment. This can mean fighting the evil in your own heart, or standing up to someone superior or a dictator. Usually, military effort is included in this “play” but only as a last resort. This just proves the stereotype of everyone believing Islam is based on violence, Jihad says, “not to spread Islam by the sword.” In the Quran, Jihad is described as a system of checks and balances, as a way Allah set up to check one people by mean of another. When someone or a group of people misbehaves their limits and violates the rights of others, Muslims have the right to check them and bring them back into line. “And did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief; but Allah is full of Bounty to all the worlds.” This comes from a verse in the Quran explaining Jihad. In the Islamic faith, the term Jihad means “striving” or “struggling.” While it is interpreted wrong in the English language as “holy war.” This term is misleading and is only a very narrow interpretation of a concept that encompasses all aspects of life for a Muslim. For example, when the Jews took over Palestine, the Muslims in Palestine are all fighting to obtain their country back. Palestinians are attempting what is called Jihad. This does not necessarily mean that these Palestinians need a military operation, but most often signified a striving for self-improvement or to make things better their people and society. 2. Prophet Muhammad claimed the Quran was a series of exposures he received from Allah through the angel Gabriel 600 years ago after Jesus’

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