Myers-Briggs Personality Test Paper

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Name: ___________________ ??? WHO AM I ??? self-discovery using internet personality tests STEP #1: Myers-Briggs Take the Myers-Briggs personality test to discover what your four-letter combination is. Write it here: _ESFJ_________ (Here is a link to an online version: ) YOU WILL GO TO A DIFFERENT WEBSITE TO ANALYZE YOUR RESULTS: At , go to “Portraits” (picture of Shakespeare) and click on your four-letter personality type. What is the title of your personality type: The Caregiver read and summarize your personality traits. Im a people person, I love people. I bring out the best in people, and people like to be around me because I give them a sense…show more content…
List the possible career paths for this personality type. Put a * by any you’ve considered pursuing. Nursing, teaching, child care, counselors/social work*, family practice physician* Go to “Personality and Relationships” (the heart), scroll down, and click on your type at the bottom. Describe your strengths and weaknesses in relationships. Strentgths: a lot of effort in a relationship, warm and friendly, please others, commitments very seriously, responsible and pratical, family-oriented, seek life-long realationships Weakness: uncomfortable with change, positive affirmation to feel good about myself, how others see me can take over, hard to accept the end of a relationship, failure on my shoulders, not paying attention to their own needs Go to “Personal Growth” (the tree), scroll down to the bottom, and click on your type. What traits should you recognize and nourish for greater success? (If the website doesn’t provide this info., then speculate, based on what you’ve read, what you need to do to develop personally.) Safe ways of living, sensitive to the needs of others, open and honest, cares about others, share feelings, strong sense of right and

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