Myer's Briggs Enfj Essay

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“ENFJ’s are interpersonally adept, understanding, appreciative and facilitators of good communication.” This is how Myers Briggs test indicates my personality through a set of specific questions. The E is for extrovert, N for intuition, F for feeling, and J for judging. I agree with the results because as an extrovert I like to be involved in activities and love to be around people. As a feeler I am very compassionate and express concern for others. I am an extrovert and love to be out and around people because there is so much that can be learned. Being involved in activities such as dog training classes and agility for dogs or riding bikes down the riverbed or camping out on a beach for a weekend or even dropping off my siblings and picking them up from school gives me security that I am doing something in my life and not just sitting around watching television only to see others doing something with their own lives. I remember graduating from high school. It was as beautiful warm evening in the Cerritos College football stadium filled with hundreds of family members and friends to watch us all make a huge step into life. All the young women were dressed in yellow cap and gowns and all the young men were dressed in black cap and gowns. I recall how I knew I was one step closer to being on my own in life. Soon the fall semester was going to begin. I sat on the computer days after my enrollment appointment and found that every class that I needed was full. Even the waiting lists were filled to their full capacity. I lost hope and decided to take the semester off and instead look for a job. Well that did not go the way I planned either. I never found a job and staying at home was driving me insane. Most my siblings were off to school, my dad was off to work, my older brother was too and my mom was always out running errands. That left me all alone at home with

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