Myer Briggs Essay

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Running head: Myers-Briggs and SVIB Tests Myers-Briggs and SVIB Tests Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date Abstract Myers-Briggs and SVIB Tests are personality test carried on people. These tests are important because they help to gauge the people personality. This paper will analyze this tests and whether they are applicable to a college student taking a business course. Myers-Briggs personality test This is a type of test that help people to know their personality or the reason they behave in a particular way. This test will help people to know why they behave in a certain way and can also improve the relationship with others. MBIT uses four indicators namely Introversion /Extraversion, Thinking/Feeling, Intuition/Sensing, and Judging/Perceiving. Introversion or Extraversion I posses introversion characteristics which include: thinking before acting, always internally motivated by something and loves direct communication others. Thinking before acting helps me to avoid regretting the result achieved. This helps me to avoid collision with others or doing something that might have high regrets in future. This helps me make informed decisions which are based on facts not mere assumptions. In future while working: it will help me in achieving the best result in all my duties. I also prefer one on one communication. This helps in conveying the right message and avoids distortion when too many parties are involved (Reinhold, 2006). Thinking/Feeling I posses thinking characteristics: Thinking characteristics include looking for facts before making decisions and also giving a critical analysis of something. . I always base all my decision on facts I have. This gives accurate results and avoids

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