Myall Creek Massacre Speech Transript Essay

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The Myall Creek Massacre Transcript We are gathered here today, for the same soul purpose. We are gathered here to commemorate and remember. We are gathered as one race, one race that will pay the highest respect and tranquillity to the fallen at Myall Creek. It was 170 years ago on the 10th of June, 1838 that twelve armed stockmen rode onto the Myall Creek property in Northern New South Wales and rounded up 28 elderly Aboriginal men, women and children of the Kamilaroi people. They forced the aborigines into the bush and slaughtered every last one; an intentional and very well planned serial assassination. When William Hobbs returned to his Myall Creek property and discovered the killings, he commenced his own investigation, interviewing anyone who was present on the day and spread the word that the incident was going to be reported. William Hobbs had befriended the natives, and it is easy to understand how he felt when he learned his own race was responsible for killing his newly acquainted friends. After missing the police magistrate, a man called Frederick Foot travelled into Sydney to report the crimes. He wrote a full report for Governor Gipps who ordered an investigation, a decision which was unexpected for the locals. Twenty men were trialled and all were found not guilty, as there had been no witnesses to the attack and any evidence dug up couldn’t prove the accusations put against them. Then three weeks later, seven men were brought back in for trialling. The trials forced a lot of unreceptive feelings on the Aboriginal people, as people became hostile towards the people the considered as pests. A juror on the trial stated “I look on the blacks as a sort of monkey and the sooner they are exterminated from the face of the earth, the better. I knew the men were guilty but I would never see a white man hanged for killing a black.” However,

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