My Sister's Keeper Analysis

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My Sister’s Keeper Themes One of the major themes in this novel is sacrifice, it is very difficult not only as a parent but for anyone to witness a loved one suffer. The illness of a loved one not only consumes the victim but also those who surround them. Coping with the illness from both sides is a sacrifice because one has to be prepared to let their loved one go, or watch them go through it for that matter. Kate Fitzgerald, the oldest child suffers from leukemia and the younger child Anna is her donor, a sacrifice she has to make. Another theme is fire, fire is presented in many was throughout the novel. Brian Fitzgerald, the father is a firefighter. Also, Jesse the older sibling gets involved in arson because he has difficulty coping with his sister’s illness. Kate and Anna compare their battles with fire as well, Kate compares her illness with fire and Anna her lawsuit. Furthermore, family hardships are most importantly one of the themes, everyone’s battle with Kate’s illness and their support. As I mentioned before the difficulty of dealing with a loved one suffering and the impotence that one feels, so the only thing they could do is support each other. Although there are conflicts regarding that they essentially all support Kate. Emotional response In my opinion this was a very well put together novel. It was dramatic, melancholic, and with an unexpected ending! Some parts of the book were difficult to read because of how sad it was, like Kate asking to die was very depressing, not to mention the ending! I would have preferred a happier ending taking in consideration the overall melancholic story but I have to say it was a surprising twist. I would have also liked for Kate to have been a lot more involved in the novel. Passages: "I'm an allogeneic donor--a perfect sibling match. When Kate needs leukocytes or stem cells or
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