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Learning Style Everyone has different learning styles. Some peoples learning style might be fairly similar, but no two will be the exact same. I wasn’t sure exactly what type of writing style I had, so I did some research to help me answer this question. There are websites online that will give you a series of questions, and from there it can Identify, your personal best ways to take in knowledge. The website I was best at flashcards for memorizations, and writing down outlines and studying those. The website was completely right, because that’s how I have been studying ever since I can remember. Flashcards are able to make studying a lot quicker. Books and study guides, sometimes contain much unneeded information. Books may have interesting words and pictures, but most of the context will not…show more content…
If I am stressed out, that my brain usually doesn’t function normally, and make learning such a hassle. Stress is the one thing I try and stay away from. One way I do that is starting my assignments when they are first designed and not waiting a day before they are due. In total there are seven learning styles. They include visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical and social. If you like the visual style, than you enjoy using maps images and pictures to study. People that use the aural style enjoy using sound and music in order to study. Verbal style studiers use both written and spoken words. Physical style means you use your body and sense of touch to learn. Logical style is mostly using your mind to thing of your situation in an equation form. The last learning style in social style, which means you communicate well with people and enjoy study groups. This assignment helped me and made me open minded in wanting to learn new study methods. I will be trying out some of these methods and hopefully they work very

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