My Worst Job As A Veterinarian Clinic

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Chelsea Paul Mrs. Withrow English 1113 14 March 2014 My Worst Job I would have to say that my worst job was one of those summer/never ending-jobs. It was for a Veterinarian Clinic, where I was a Veterinarian Technician. At first, I was in love with the place, probably had to do with the fact that I wanted to become a Vet, and I absolutely loved animals. Then, that changed about two months later. After stepping back and taking a look at everything. I now have a great learning experience behind me that helped me determined my future. A Veterinarian Technician is a very diverse job. It can range from animal care to front desk work to cleaning stalls to ordering supplies. They were the group of people that had to clean up all the urine, bowel movements in the stalls, or anywhere else in the clinic. Then we had to help the doctor hold the animals (patients) for their shots, checkups, or suture removal. When there was an unhappy patient and they turn to bite, we are normally the ones that get bit. We also worked the front desk where we had to answer phones, document patient’s information, and collect payments. It is very hard to deal with customers…show more content…
It definitely helped me map out my future. Even though I decided not to continue my educational work to become a Veterinarian, I decided that I wanted to stay in Medicine just because of the interesting things I learned from working at the clinic. I learned to draw blood, give injections, remove sutures, and intubate the animals for surgery. So even though I know being a vet tech is a hard job, it can be a very rewarding and satisfying job. I would recommend for anyone that wants to pursue a specific career, it is best to try it out to make sure it is the right career for them. One of my worst jobs I have ever had, helped me determine my future career, so never discount even the most negative of

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