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Tenniel Jordan BIB-104 January 26, 2014 Prof. Rand Old Testament Overview Many believe that the New Testament contains the most important aspects of the Christian faith. Yet, the Old Testament stands as a beacon of light for those who are searching for answers to life’s most troubling questions. The Old Testament for many is a mysterious book filled with knowledge from the past. Yet, when broken down into parts they see the timeless beauty, symmetry, and knowledge that it contains. The Old Testament can be divided into nine main time periods. These time periods are creation, patriarch, exodus, conquest, judges, kingdom, exile, return and silence. Each of these time periods have a main location, key figures, and a summary. These nine time periods cover a span of one thousand and seventy years and contain the history not just of a certain race of people but of the world. The creation era or primeval period spans from Genesis chapter 1 through 11and Job. It covers the creation of the world and all that is in it including man to the entrance of the father of all nations, Abraham. The main figures in this era were Adam and Eve. The main location is the Garden of Eden. The main events are the creation of the world and mankind and the Fall of creation because of sin. The tower of Babel and the disbursement of people are also covered. All of these events were pre- 4500 BC. In these pages one finds not only the beginning of existence but also the immutable love of God in His plan for redemption. The patriarch era can be found in Genesis chapters 12 through 50. This period ushers in the Birth of the Hebrew nation. In it one will find the father of all nations Abraham and his descendants Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. These men are the patriarchs. During this era the sojourn in Egypt and the 400 years of bondage are the main events. The Patriarchs are the

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