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Business Communications Trends Paper Working at Bank of America deals with a lot of communications. Communications is the key role of handling all loans that comes across, via email and letters. At times, it can be overwhelming because everyone has a deadline to meet. Due to the fact, that Bank of America is global, sometimes, it can be very challenging, because some have a language barrier, which makes it very difficult at times to handle issue at hand. Having a great communications with your peers, make your job a lot simpler, for the simple reason that everyone understands each other and that everyone knows what needs to get done. Managing work is our number one priority regardless of the work flow. Even body language is another form of communications that our employment has seen from getting a thumbs up or head nod from upper management which allows us the ok to move forward with issue at hand. Bank of America has come up with different solutions to minimize our workflow, from arranging a project team, to having team lead, Team Managers, etc. Working in the financial atmosphere, some things that are Stone Age may not be dismissed, to the simple fact; a lot of our elderly does not have access to a computer, or newest technology, because they are not knowledge of such, or the fact that they live too far out to get any reception. The only alternative is either via phone or letters. Bank of America accepts all communications. During town hall meetings, since it’s conducted in New York City or in New Jersey, depending where our executives are at that time. A lot of streamline communications comes from SKYE, so that the employees can take part of the town hall meeting, and the issues at hand. It can get pretty heated at times due to discussed topics that are on the agenda for that

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