My Weekend with Marilyn Monroe

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My weekend with Marilyn Monroe For my historical Movie review, I chose to watch a documentation called My Weekend With Marilyn Monroe. The movie was released in 2011 and was directed by Simon Curtis. It is rated R and has a run time of one hour and thirty nine minutes. My Weekend With Marilyn Monroe gives you insight on what Marilyn Monroe was like and how good of an actress she was. The movie first takes place in summer of 1956. Actress Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) was in England to film a movie called The Prince And The Showgirl. The film was filmed so British Thespian Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) would the best actor of his genreration and Marilyn Monroe was just there to give him that. It was difficult to shoot because of Monroe's disassociation with her newly wed husband Arthur Miller (Dougray Scott) and because of that Monroe felt anxious about doing well and relied alot on her coach for support. Into the Mix comes Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) which is who this movie is based on. The director and writer was just beginning his movie career and how it started was being Marilyn Monroes confidante and suitor. My favorite scenes in the Movie would be the when Clark was saying good bye to Marilyn Monroe and when Monroe had to retake a scene in the movie a bunch of times to get it right. The good bye between Monroe and Clark was a good kind of good bye because of the hope that they will eventually see each other again and have memories of their time spent together. The scene where she had to do alot of retakes shows you that acting business can be tough and that Marilyn Monroe was not perfect but when she did get the scene right it was extraordinary how alive she became. With the movie being accurate or inaccurate, you can't really tell because it was based off of Colin Clarks

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