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My Wedding Day Cynthia L. Carter Bryant and Stratton College English 101 Dr. B. Kanoti May 16, 2012 On a sunny day in May of 2003, I rose with the sun. Today was going to be one of the best days of my life. It was the day my husband and I were going to renew our vows after five years of marriage and 8 years together. It was Saturday May 17th 2003, at 5:50 am. I stretched, yawned and smiled I was so happy. The first thing I saw was my dress hanging on my closet door, Leon (my husband) had spent the night over his grandparent’s house after our rehearsal dinner and Bachelor/Bachelorette party. It was a blast, our entire wedding party which consisted of my Maid of Honor Toyia, Bridesmaids, Tiffany and Semika, sister in law and cousin respectively. Leon, and His Best Man Devin, and his Groomsmen, Jasper and K, the friend of his that I most liked and my brother respectively. The whole gang rented a party bus for us and the driver took us all around the city. My wedding party, my husband and myself had a ball that lasted longer than it should have, but worth every minute of sleep I lost. So at 5:50 am with about 2-3 hours sleep max all the ladies including my mom and daughter have to be at the salon to get our hair and make up done. I tried to rally the troops but they weren’t quite ready everyone asked for another 10minutes and covered their heads and faces. Everyone except my junior bride, my daughter HeaVen who was just as excited as I was not to mention she didn’t have a hangover like the rest of the girls. By 7a.m everyone’s at the salon. The wedding starts at 3 , photographer comes to my house at 2 and there are only 2 cosmetologist and one make up artist, of course I get mine and my daughters hair done first, exactly the same up do, her with more curls and a child’s version of mines. Everyone else just has simple Asian style pony tails to the

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