My Volunteering Experience Essay

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My Volunteering Experiences It was a very hot day at Mandalay, and even two hours before the noon, we all were sweaty and tired. The sun was scorching the ground with hot rays. The hot rays were like sharp arrows for us, however, we did not have a shield to protect. I was on a motorbike and my partner was on another one. Both of us are from Yangon where motorcycles are prohibited, we were not familiar with such a two-wheel vehicle and we do not know how to drive it. Most of all, we are afraid even to ride with a driver. Now our bikes were runnung zigzag on the roads of Mandalay avoiding the crowded bikes, cars and people. It was a great adventure for both of us. But this was not an adventure trip; we were with my team to survey about the volunteerism there. Our survey was to explore the volunteerism in Myanmar, specifically Yangon and Mandalay as a pilot test. And we all were volunteers too. My very first experience of volunteering is when I was only 10 years old. At that time, I neither knew nor understand the meaning of volunteerism. The only thing I remember is that I was so happy. I started to volunteer just because I was happy and now I was asking participants why did u start volunteering, what is your reason and so on. I am a happy volunteer and it was a great oppitunity for me to participate in such a survey especially about the volunteerism. It was like seeing myself through mirror. Among the rest, the most notable thing is that how the Mandalay people responded to us. It was quite different. Like other Myanmar people, they are warm, kind-hearted, honest and helpful. They are happy to volunteer, but do not want to be bothered with such survey. Some are willing to participate but some do not understand why we were asking questions to them and what is our purpose. I do not say that they are not totally helpful to us. They are

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