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My Vision of the City of the Future Essay

  • Submitted by: ravishankar2mfm
  • on June 28, 2012
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Below is an essay on "My Vision of the City of the Future" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The manner in which cities have grown in the past 1000 years has been acceptable up till now. But now we are at a tipping point and need to choose a new path or else we will have to deal with social and environmental crisis of disastrous proportions.
My vision of a city of the future is based on four pillars, each of which is interrelated and interdependent.
  1. Less consumption oriented, ecologically friendly and energy efficient – in short, a city that shares a symbiotic relationship with the environment
  2. Economically Viable – A city that is able to identify its economic drivers and capitalize on them to create growth and jobs
  3. An equal opportunity provider with a just society and governance
  4. A city that celebrates cultural diversity

The mega polis of future will conserve environment vehemently. The high rises in this city will be small cities in themselves and be self-sufficient pods with multiple levels of gardens, parks and farms. There would be reduced energy budgets due to better building designs and energy efficient gadgets, reduced material consumption, compact urban pattern interspersed with productive areas to collect energy, grow crops and recycle wastes. It will have low automobile dependence and offer better public transit, will be able to feed itself with minimal reliance on the surrounding country side and power itself with renewable sources of energy. This city will create smallest possible ecological footprint, produce lowest quantity of pollution, efficiently use land, recycle or convert waste to energy and have minimal impact on nature

My city of the future will be an engine of economic growth, creating jobs and economic opportunities for the increasing number of urban residents and rural poor migrants seeking opportunities in this city. These will be achieved through favorable investment climate, infrastructure service delivery, social inclusion, water and sanitation, urban health and education, land reforms,...

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