My Veiw of Tell Tale Heart

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My View of Degeneration Edgar Allan Poe was a literary writer that mainly created works that were somewhat dark and mildly grotesque. During his college years he experienced alcoholic binges, and had gained many gambling debts. Ashamed of his debts and binging he fled to the army. “He performed well as an enlisted man and published his first collection of poetry” (Kennedy 387). Soon after he left the army he started his literary career. “Poe’s stories were influenced by his insecurities and his problems, for this reason he disliked criticism” (Kennedy 387). One story that Poe made was called “Tell Tale Heart”. Like many stories it did not become popular till long after Poe’s death. The reason was because many in the past could not understand the story enough to actually like it. The story “Tell Tale Heart, is about a mad man. Like other mad men he himself thinks that he is not mad at all. However, his unexplainable obsession about the old man’s eye and his plans on how to get rid of the eye say otherwise. While researching there were many literary papers that could in lighten the reader. One specific literary source that I used was called “The Tell Tale Heart” and the “Evil Eye”. This literary source states that “The “Tell-Tale Heart” is one of Poe’s most perfectly constructed stories, and a very skillful study of madness.” A theme that you will find in the “Tell Tale Heart” is the degeneration of the mind through madness using the setting, the point of view, and the conflict. The setting makes up the entire story. If the setting was somewhere else the entire plot line would most likely change as well. The quote “I turned the latch of his door and opened it-oh, so gently” shows location (Kennedy 388). If the location of the murder had taken place anywhere else there would not have been such an anxious feeling to the story. The fact that the character waited so long
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