My Valuable Possession

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My Soul Is The Most Valuable Possession I have a lot of friend that own, to them dearest and valuable possessions such as motorcycles, cars, and even nice big houses. Needless to say my friends have been blessed with money and material things. And I want to say right up front God is not opposed to anyone having things and being comfortable in this life. He does not care if you have wealth He just does not want your wealth to have you. However having wealth and material things is not what makes one wealthy. As quoted from Biblical text, “How is a man profited if he gains the whole world yet should lose his own soul”. You know, when we ascribe value or worth to something, that thing only has meaning in the context where it is recognized. For example, suppose you go out into the Australian outback and you find there a tribe of Aborigines who have never had any contact with outsiders before. You come up to them and hand them a wad of American currency, and you say, “This is going to make you filthy rich!” And they look at you but have no idea what you are talking about. The money means nothing to them. They have nowhere to spend it. They have no idea how to use it. It is absolutely worthless to them. The reason is because it is completely unrecognized by them and they do not have a context in which to use it. So it is with all your earthly possessions, you are going to a place where all your earthly possessions are unrecognized. They do not mean anything. They have no worth. There is no significance attached to them. Furthermore, you are not taking any of these things with you. How sad it is when people pay more attention to gaining the material things of this world yet totally neglect their own soul. At the end of this life the only thing that is going to matter is weather or not your soul has been saved. You will not take a single penny with you when

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