My Trip to Las Vegas

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After an enormously long trip form Clarksdale to Nevada, I was extremely tired. I slowly woke up to the big bright glowing city lights. I wiped my eyes very gently so that I could see clearly. I took a very deep breath and sat up, so that I could look out the foggy windows. Finally, I got up and looked out of the foggy windows of my dad’s red and black Chevy. All I could see was the tall buildings with big bright lights on it. Every thing was so beautiful. Our first stop was at fire work place called BOOMLAND. The store was decorated with red, white, and blue thin stripes all over it. It also had big colorful fireworks drawn all over the left side of the building. On the right side it had an big picture of a lot of people of every culture representing Independence Day. The store was creatively decorated. Our second stop was at the Holiday Inn the hotel, were me and my whole family were going to be staying for a couple of days. It was 15 floors tall. It was so high up when I looked up at it, it looked like it was in the clouds. The windows were all tinted black to the point were you could not glance through the windows. The hotel looked brand new, like it had just been built. There was so many bright light that surrounded the hotel, it mad me feel as though I was some type of rich super star. Next, I quickly walked up to the elevator heading up to my room. The elevator was so beautiful. It had clear white windows all around it, to the point you could see each and every single floor that it was going past. Then I stayed on the 10th floor, so it took a extremely long time to get to my room. Finally, I impatiently got off the elevator and went in to my room. My room was huge. I had a big queen size matters with black satin sheets on it and to furry black pillows.

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