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My traumatic event What is a traumatic event? The dictionary defines trauma as something that leaves a lasting impression, something that shakes your very core. So much so that in most cases the lasting effect requires physical therapy as well as further emotional counseling. Some individuals explain that traumatic events have scared them so badly that they can’t recall the details, or even take themselves back to the event itself. This is because traumatic events send our bodies into what is understood as shock, a protective program of the bodies’ mechanisms. I, myself have experience a traumatic event in my life. Even though I was only two years old at the time, the impact of the experience has remained something that changed who I am as a person. Shock allows traumatic events to happen to us but makes them very hard to remember; however, in some cases the scenarios are a lot less intense. For example, all individuals experience life on different intensities. For some the experiences of everyday may be very traumatic and hard to cope with. For others, experiences like war and intense abuse can leave lasting impacts of trauma throughout life. Take the example of a woman getting her purse snatched unexpectedly. Yes, the event in itself traumatic, but compared to a woman getting mugged and raped, you can see how much less the traumatic experience and repercussions would be. For me, I would consider myself lucky, yet affected by trauma. I will never forget the few seconds before my traumatic event happened; however, I cannot recall anything directly after the event. Along with my mother, I was visiting my grandmother in Florida. I was two years old at the time, but I can remember almost every detail. My mom and grandmother were in the living room talking to one another. I was watching TV on the floor and was bored, so I asked my mom if I could get the

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