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Montez Lee2-10-13 ENGL-111-02The Life I Lived !! Upper Marlboro, Maryland is my lovely hometown. My hometown is really the greatest place to grow up and I love living there. My hometown is one of the most wealthiest places for african americans to live in the country. My town has many different things than other towns. For instance I live five minutes away from ware the presidents plane “Air Force One” is located. I live at least fifteen minutes way from the white house. There is so much history in what I call my home town. I have seen three presidents get sworn in, been to President Ronald Reagan funeral and have met so many famous people. With everything I just told you your probably very interested in my hometown but theres much more to do than just sight see. First I want to talk about my neighborhood and people of my town. Everyone in the neighborhood mostly knows each other. Its is a very loving and caring environment ware everyone pretty much has one another back. But just like I think everyone else hometown we have the rich stuck up people, but for the most part everybody is pretty nice, especially in the summer. Since we have great weather in the summer, I feel that in the summer the everyone is in a great mood and is very generous. One example, I was at the gas filling up my car and was short five bucks, generously an older man gave me the money to pay the gas attendant. That’s the type of people you can expect from Upper Marlboro. The greatest thing about Upper Marlboro, in my opinion, is the location. Were ten to fifteen minutes away from the capital of the United States. It is one of the most historic places to visit year round. Another great thing is how close everybody lives to each other. With it being such a small town, all my friends live five minutes away, which is a great advantage to me and everyone else. Lastly, the

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