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erienceMy terrible experience. Five years ago I and my friends went to an abandoned building, which was some time a hospital. It was almost destroyed and a forbidden territory, maybe this was the reason to go there: mysteries, local horror legends about this place and strangely fascinating look of this building are attracted teenagers like us. We were walking and examining every interesting corner of the hospital. It was so captivating that we didn’t take notice of night was falling. We got on the second floor and continued our exploration. While the girls were busy with “investigation”, I was looking down and saw tree big and scary men. One of them noticed me and gave me an evil wink, then he whispered something to another men. I told the girl silently to run upstairs. And we run. Two of the men rushed after us. Thanks God, that there wasn’t any ladder, some desks only and this slowed down those scary people. We got on the third floor and saw the window; I didn’t think about anything, also there were no alternative ways to draw back, and I cried: -“Jump! Now!” Everyone jump out. No one was injured. We were running and those men were chasing us. The funniest moment in this scary story is that one of the girls stopped, because she saw puppies and told how cute they were. I was shocked and shouted that why the hell she was thinking about them! I took her hand and we continued to run. We run through the forest and finally reached the street where were people. Scary men stopped and went away. The effort to catch us and do something horrible with us failed! We got a really good lesson; we have never ever tried to go there once

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