My Teaching Strategy for Postitive Reinforcement Essay

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My Teaching Strategy for Positive Reinforcement Sherri Foster ECE 201 Instructor: Nadia Hasan March 2, 2014 In this paper, I will discuss one strategy that would best address Doug’s goals. Next, I will justify why I chose this strategy, and the benefits of positive reinforcement. Then, I will describe how I would implement this strategy. The strategy, I selected that would best help Doug in meeting his goals is the choice-making strategy. In the “Level B Case 1”, it states that, “Choice-making is a strategy that enables students to select from a number of options.” (Curran, 2003) It also said that the choice-making strategy can be used to increase specific behaviors. I chose the choice-making strategy because this strategy helps children have the encouragement that motivates them in their accomplishments and becoming successful students. According to the text, “Since Friedrich Froebel founded the first kindergarten, European American theorists have maintained that children are motivated and empowered when they can make meaningful choices about the way they spend their time. (Hewes, 2001) (Kaiser & Rasminsky, 2012) I also choose this strategy because the use of choice making can be averted to the challenging behavior. There are several benefits of positive reinforcements by using the choice-making strategy. This strategy gives students and teachers a more positive relationship. It can increase children’s completed work and assignments and how well the work is done or performed. It also can expand children’s encouragement and slows down the disruptive behavior. According to the article, “Offering choices gives students decision-making opportunities that allow them predictability (Jolivette et al., 2012) (Curran, 2003), which for most students with behavioral needs comes only as a result of their misbehaviors (Van Acker, Grant,

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