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My Talent A Talent is something you love to do, and you do it well. There are many different talents. People can sing, can play an instrument, or do all sorts of tricks, but i can run. Running for most people isnt a talent, but a hobby people choose to do to be healthy. I in the other hand also run to stay in shape and healthy, but I mainly run to compete. Anyone can run a race, but can you can it at a certain pace at certain times? Can you tell your body that you are almost finished when you are just getting started? Can you cross the finish line saying i gave it all even if you get last? My talent requires more than the the physical training. It is also needed to have a strong mentality, hard work and full dedication. Even though i have been running Cross Country and Track since my freshmen year, I didnt find out it was my talent till my sophmore year durring Cross Country season. Reason being, is cause I only ran to be in shape for soccer. I didnt put much interest into running besides getting conditioned. To my coach, I had alot of potential, but i never listened and never fully gave it all my best. My coach somehow convinced me to actually try for once at one of our meets. To give it my best and to feel pain in my race. I followed those exact directions and i got 3rd place out of 30 other runners. The feeling after that race was undiscribable. I didn't want to stop feeling what I felt after that race. I wanted to keep feeling like i had a main purpose in the team, but mainly i wanted to keep winning. Shortly after that I was moved up to varsity. And ever since my talent has been shared with other talentful young teammates. Running can also help set my mood depending on how i am feeling. For example, if im mad, i can go for a jog and let my anger out on the run. It helps me clear my mind off many things and sometimes even helps me think it through.

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