My Summer Internship Experience with Tata Motors

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EXPERIENCE IN SUMMER INTERNSHIP I got an opportunity to do my summer internship at Tata Motors in Kerala. It was an awesome feeling that, I got an opportunity to do my project in a fortune 500 company. As we know, Tata Motors is the subsidiary of TATA son. You can say that it is one of the part of TATA son. Company profile says, The Company was established in 1935 as a locomotive manufacturing unit and later expanded its operations to commercial vehicle sector in 1954 after forming a joint venture with Daimler-Benz AG of Germany. When I got this big opportunity to do my Summer Internship in Tata Motors, I was dreaming like anything what to do and what not to do. My first objective was to collect as much as information regarding Tata Motors and of-course practical experience- how to deal with customers and what is the perception of customers regarding Tata vehicles. I spend two and half months of golden days with my guide, sales executive and our customers. I had attended two meetings and collected data regarding my project. I was also in promotional activity. I was doing comparative study on “Tata SFC 407 Pickup and Mahindra Max pickup in LCV segment”. Both technical and commercial features and acceptance of Tata SFC 407 pickup among customers. DAY 1- I finished my all un-productive works early and get ready to impress my company people as everyone does. Though I faced a little problem to find out proper location but I managed at-last. (I don’t know Malayalam). I went to 4th floor where my company office is. Then, my area manager called me to conference room for discussion (actually introduction). After that I met with my guide and other members of the company. On that day, somehow I was able to make impression on others. DAY 2- I got my job what to do for next two months. So, I started working on my job on day 2. I prepared my questionnaire for survey and

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