My Struggle Essay

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The smell old self- indulgence fills the air within this dismal waiting room outside the doctor’s office. With each ticking of the clock comes a loud repercussion of the repulsive echoing of emptiness that swallows my mind and spirit into a deep trance of irritability and awkwardness. Others, as far as I could tell, looked as if they were in the same stooper as I was. It seemed common for people to be aloof to what was going on. With nothing to do but scrutinize every little detail of each patient within the room, life seemed empty and miserable. Without warning, a brilliant beam of light shot out into the worn-down, sickly room bringing with it the smell of rubbing alcohol and grape flavored latex. Awakening from my spell of sedation, I heardthe loud and ironically raspy voice of the nurse. I had always pictured nurses to be sweet and healthy in nature, due to the stereotypes I had seen in films regarding her occupation. However, this nurse simply shattered all images of a non-smoking, soft-spoken lady with her unhealthy completion and atrocious sounding voice. As she brutally and apathetically delivered the name of the next patient from her ruby colored lips, I began to contemplate my visit and think about the possibility of busting out of the bland confines of this waiting room. Suddenly, my name was uttered from the lips of that god-awful nurse and a shockwave of nervousness shot down my spine. Why I was shocked from the sound of my name, I do not know. I should have been relieved that I was called, however a sort of anxiety swarmed up within my body every time anyone called upon me in the settings of waiting rooms. It might have been the fact of my anticipation creating a sense of insecurity, but I really did not know or care to know why I was awkward in waiting rooms. As I maladroitly came to my feet, I realized that the nurse was beginning to get

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