My Strategy to Be Successful Balancing Life/School/Work

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Therese Williams Career Exploration/Planning Due Date: 1/23/2014 MY STRATEGY TO BE SUCCESSFUL BALANCING LIFE/SCHOOL/WORK Deciding to return to school as a grandmother was a huge decision for me, after lost my job of ten years. As a mature adult I had to weigh the pros and cons and try to make the decision that will positively affect me. There were many roads that I had to walk when I try to strategically plan my personal success. First I ask myself many questions in order to get to my final answer. Is this the right decision for me and my family? Can I afford to go back to school? Is it going to affect my work schedule when I find a job? After questioning myself I did a researched and learned that 48% of college students are classified as adult learners. Of that 48 percent, half are women, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Department of Education's Projections of Education Statistics Toward 2004. (Alverson, 2009) The status of the economy in America further pushed me to follow my decision to return to school and make myself more marketable to future and current employers in the medical field. As I looked back on my life I pondered if I am going to take that huge step and return to college or a graduate school. I sat down and I said to myself with tears in my eyes I have lost my job, lost my four O one K, lost my savings, and I am now living with my ex-husband family that abuses me mentally and emotionally, therefore I had to make a quick decision, so that I will be able to remove myself from that type of surrounding. Making a life altering decision such as returning to school and working a fulltime job was a huge decision for me. Once I made the decision to attend college instead of graduate school it was time for me to make the “big decision” choosing a field of study that I know is going to guarantee some type of success in the

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