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My Strange Life Psychology 101 7/26/14 My name is and this is some of the story of my life. I was born in Astoria Oregon. My father’s name is and my mother’s name is. My first memories as a child are probably from when I was three or four years old, and those memories are of my father sleeping on our couch in a full body cast and of my father outside in the garage running some kind of wire inside of his cast. Thinking back now I realize he was probably using the wire to scratch with and remove the plastic silverware (also used for scratching) ha-ha! Another early memory I have of my father is him spanking the hell out of me with a 1” thick wooden cooking spoon and breaking it on me from whipping me so hard. I remember my mother trying to stop him and I think that he hit her, there was so much screaming and yelling going on I can’t remember clearly. I’m not sure what I even did to merit such a beating but it’s been a memory that’s stuck with me my whole life. My mother told me years later that at that point in time my father was recovering from a broken back and was severely hooked on pain pills. My mother said that the pills would make him extremely agitated and he would go off for no apparent reason, and finally my mother stuck him in a rehab clinic to get him off the pain pills. Now I will pause my story for a minute because Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory comes to mind, this theory is based on the grounds that our personality and character traits are a product of our social and cultural environment. Now there’s several things going on here. First off, at this age according to Erickson I am in the Early Childhood stage and my core struggle is trust vs. mistrust. All my life I’ve been a loner and I find it very hard to trust people and have a relationship that isn’t severely dysfunctional. This is due to growing up in an unstable and dysfunctional family

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