My Stand on the Rh Bill Essay

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I’ve read an article about a senator claiming that the sperm and the egg are living things. While it may be true, the claim was stirred into an even juicier topic saying that “Masturbation is Abortion”. Of course, it caused a commotion over many internet blog readers and some of them started saying things like “So when a man has wet dreams, then he is committing abortion?” or “I’m having my period now. Is that abortion of the egg?” This is the problem with the people in our country. Oftentimes, we thrive in misinformation, thus, not being able to resolve the problem. There have been a lot of misconceptions about the Reproductive Health Bill. So, why am I supporting the RH Bill? First of all, it needs to be cleared that, unlike the claim of the church and the opposition, the bill does not legalize abortion. In fact, it’s the other way around. The bill wants to prevent abortion by protecting the mothers and the unborn. The bill aims to provide the proper education and care necessary for giving birth. Another thing is that many families today have 5 children or more. Most of these children are results of unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies happen because some couples couldn’t resist their urges. (I don’t think “urges” are bad things because they are innate. We are created with them.) There are cases wherein men beat their wives if they don’t want to have sex. Result? Wives just succumb to their husbands and give birth to too many children. If they are not capable enough of providing the needs of the children, then they’d result to either giving away their children or die of hunger. The bill wants to prevent these things from happening. Also, complying with the bill is completely optional. No one’s forcing anyone to use contraceptives or follow a certain method of family planning. You can always opt not to. We should be thankful that we’re not like China and

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