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Stonewall Uprising Notes Website of Movie: Introduction: | * 1960s were the Dark Ages for Homosexuals all over America * In 1969, Homosexual relationships were illegal in every state except Illinois * During the 1960s Homosexuals had no place and no identity, the only thing they had in America was their Homosexuality * Homosexuals were beaten and haunted * Gay rights were constantly under attack while African Americans were protected by the Constitution Amendments, gay rights were not protected by law and certainly not the constitution * Homosexuals used humor to cover frustration and anger and pain | 1960s: Views of Homosexuality Medically: | * Albert Einstein School of Medicine taught that no man was born a Homosexual and Psychiatrist believed that Homosexuality began to form in the first three years of life * Medical authorities believed that Homosexuality was a mental defect, maybe even a form of Psychopathy * In the 1960s, if you were of the Homosexual orientation they would send you to a psychiatric Hospital and try to talk you out of being a Homosexual if that didn’t work then they would apply Aversive conditioning ( show Porn) and apply electric shock * Homosexuals were sent to a mental institutions because they were thought to be sexual Psychopaths were they were subjected to sterilization and Medical procedures like Lobotomy, which doctors felt would cure Homosexuality * The most famous of Homosexual mental Institutions was Atascadero State Hospital in California * The Hospital was compared to Nazi concentration camps and known as a “Dachau for queers” for performing electroshock and other draconian “therapies” on gays and lesbians. * Doctors would administrate to Homosexual patients a drug that stimulated the experience of drowning | 1960s:

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