My special someone

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My Special Someone Each and every day that passes we meet someone new. They often leave footprints in our hearts and minds. Sometimes these prints that are left can sometimes be positive and sometimes negative. But no matter what people affect us in some kind of way. Sometimes we are blinded to see that we change based on who we are around. We stop doing the things we use to do. We stop saying things we use to say. We just slowly but surely develop into someone brand new. I personally didn’t believe this until I met her. I don’t trust half of what anyone fixes their mouths to say. I have really bad trust issues because “I lost my soul to a woman so heartless” like rap star Kanye West says. I vowed to never trust another woman until I met someone I like to call my “little special someone”. It’s something about her I feel comfortable around her. I can talk to her for hours about my most personal issues or situations and I know she would not tell anyone. I trust that she will always be by my side no matter what people say about me or what I may go through. As the change I believe that she will change and adapt to whatever I need her to adapt to. She is my all (my friend) basically I trust her that’s why she means everything to me. My special someone helps me to become a better person each and every moment we spend together. She tells me when I’m wrong and she makes sure she corrects me. When life sets me down, she is there to pick me up. She is always there to put a smile on my face. No matter how long it takes. She is calm so that shows me how to slow down when I’m rowdy and moving too fast. She always have something positive to say because she says she don’t want to bring me down. I’m the type that does not believe in love. I’m a heartless young man. No one can pay me to fall in love. But I see each and every day I’m falling deeper in love with my little

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