My Son The Fanatic Essay

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For some time my father and I have had our differences. He works as a taxi driver in London. His way of life is a disgrace to our Pakistani culture. He eats pork, which is forbidden according to our religion. He also drinks whiskey and doesn’t pray or practice Islam. Last night something terrible happened between my father and I. We had been driving in the cab and he had a woman I didn’t know. I was sitting on the floor in my almost empty bedroom, when my father came into my room very angry. I was at peace with myself and therefore did I not hit back when he hit me. I don’t understand my father. Why won’t he respect my feeling and my religion? All I want to do is have a chance to practice Islam and pray five times a day. For some reason this makes my father very nervous. I know he told me that his teachers bullied him and that is why he wants nothing to do with religion. I wish he would respect that I have another opinion. I don’t want to live a shallow English way of life, with a lot of material goods and a sinful behaviour. The past few months I have really opened my heart to the ways of the almighty Allah and it makes me very happy. Therefore it is difficult for me to understand why my father is so much against this. When he came into my room last night he completely lost control of himself and started beating me up. I took all his blows without hitting him back or even defending myself. I followed the teachings of Islam and stayed calm. I think he is afraid that I may become a very radical and fanatic Muslim, willing to become a martyr. It insults and hurts me that my own father has so little faith in me. I despise

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