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My son the fanatic I have read the text My son the Fanatic and it is about the problems between a father and a son, and there is a big conflict, a mental crash, in the meeting of culture. The father Parvez and his son Ali are Muslims that lives in England and the father tries to fit in and behave like an ordinary British man, and Ali is disgusted by the way Parvez is living. Ali is a extremely religious man. I want to work with the characterization of the father and son, Parvez and Ali, in the text. And beside that the atmosphere because it fit well together in this story. The story “My son the fanatic” is written by Hanif Kureishi and it is published in 1994. The story takes place in the capital city of England, London, and the time the story takes place in could be the present. The environment is much alike an everyday in a big city. It is very poorly described, and there are not many details about anything. It is a flat description. But as well it is described in that way that it creates a very distraught and dark atmosphere, and the atmosphere is alike Parvezs mood very much. He is very distraught and he is distraught because he has been working as a taxi driver in 20 years, trying to make enough money so Ali, can go to school and get a proper education. Ali has always been a excellent student, but suddenly things are not the way they used to be. The father Parvez is concerned about his boy. He talks to his friends about the problem and they say that he maybe have become a drug abuser or a drug dealer. Parvez starts sniffing around in Alis room but finds nothing suspicious. He invites Ali out for dinner so that they can have a father and son talk. The waiter came with a drink, and Ali asks Parvez if he do not know that it is wrong to drink and looks at him with disgust. This is where Parvez finds out that his son is an extreme Muslim and that they have a

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