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My Signature Themes Essay

  • Submitted by: JACK20
  • on August 26, 2008
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In my foundations of learning class, my classmates and I took a test to see which five out of thirty-four signature themes describes us best. I finished the test in about thirty minutes. As it was calculating which were my top five themes, I browsed through the 34 themes in the strength quest booklet to see which five I thought would suit me. But I didn’t get to read through them all because the website had finished calculating them. It showed that my top five themes were Restorative, Strategic, Relator, Ideation and Analytical.
My first theme was Restorative. I agree with this theme suiting me but did not expect it to be my first. The reason is I don’t “love” to solve problems. I solve them only if I had to. My mother (Lourdes) agreed both with the theme and my opinion about it. She said that I always would complain but would help out afterwards if it were family or friends in need. Which is somewhat true but anyone else would complain too given that I’m the one friends and family come to. My cousin Mikey agreed as well. So wasn’t much argument with this theme.
My second theme was Strategic. Now with this one my mother said that she agreed with this one, but stating I would strategize benefiting myself. That sounded harsh and I felt that my mother only had negative things in mind about me. I thought this fit me as well, because in my opinion I strategically maneuver around obstacles as in life or literally. My younger brother Justin said that I strategize how to get things my way which meant saying in a way I’m “slick”. Surprisingly Mikey agreed with my opinion because I thought he would’ve said what my brother had said.
Third on the list was Relator. My mother disagreed to an extent saying that I only relate to a few close friends, which is true. But usually when I get to know someone who has gone through what I had gone through, I relate to him or her by telling them I know what you feel and tell my side of the story. Justin and Mikey agreed because both of...

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