My Side Of The Mountain

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Have you ever wanted to run away? In the two books, "The Island of the Blue Dolphins" and "My Side of the Mountain", we learn everything we need to know about living on our own, not in an apartment, but out in the wild. "Island of the Blue Dolphins" is about a 12 year old girl named Karanah who is living on an island. "My Side of the Mountain" is about a 13-year old boy named Sam living on a mountain. Karanah and Sam's stories are similar only because they are both young adults living on their own forced to build a house out of mother nature. But, their stories areactually very different. Like for instance Sam chose to run away, but Karanah lived alone on the island for reasons she could not control. Sam's family is alive but Karanah's is not. Sam was living in New York but didn't like that small upstate apartment that shelterd and fed eleven people. Sam had been thinking about running away to the Catskill Mountains to live on his own and to give his dad a break with one less person to feed in that small New York aptarment. So, when he was thirteen, he did. Karanah, on the other hand, lived on the island of the blue dolphins (as she calls it) for all of her life. Karanah came from a tribe led by her father. When Karanah was twelve, her tribe went to war. The war left her father dead. Karanah now has no parents and and her tribe has decided to leave the island they were born and raised on. Karanah discovers that her baby brother was left behind and swims back to the island only for her brother to die a couple of days later. Now Karanah is all alone on the island. Sam has both of his parents, his grandpa and some siblings at home waiting for him to return, which he is not intending to do. Karanah is an orphan with no living siblings. Her mom died when Karanah was around the age of five, her dad, brother and sister all died when she

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