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My Self Portrait Essay

  • Submitted by: pinky1018
  • on October 9, 2011
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Latchmie Kanhai
Eng 101


As   a   college   freshman   the   hardest   question   to   answer is   “Who   Am   I”?   . My   life   towards   getting   a   college   degree   and   achieving   my goals   have   now   begun.   My   name   is   Latchmie   Kanhai.   I   am   24   years   old   born   and   raised   in   Queens,   NY.   My   nationality   is   American,   religion   Hindu.   I   was   raised   in   a   very   loving   and   caring   family.   My father   left   when   I   was   2,   leaving   my   mom   to   raise   my   brother   and   I on   her   own   with   the help   of   my   grandparents   (maternal),   3   uncles,   and   my   aunt.   Growing   up   my   mother   worked   2   jobs   and   went   to   school   to   provide   for   us   and   make   sure   we   had   what   we   needed.   Watching   my   mother   struggle   everyday   day   made   me   the   person   I   am   today.

When   I   look   at   myself   I   see   so   many   different   things,   some   are   things   I   learned   in   the   past   and   will   carry   with   me   on   to   my   career   of   becoming   a   nurse.   My   decision   to   pursue   a   career   in   nursing   came   from   my   personal   and   professional   experiences.   I   started   working   in   medical   offices   at   the   age   of   15,   my   experience   of   taking   care   of   people,   secretarial   work,   and   working   with   doctors   began   and   as   each   day   passed   my   passion   for   nursing   grew   day   by   day.   When   I   was   18   I   found   out   my   grandmother   had   cancer,   doctors   did everything   to   help   her   fight   but   nothing   helped.   I   knew   she   didn’t   have   much   longer   to   live,   but   I   did   all   I   could   to   help   my   grandma   cope   with   her   daily   problems.   I   learned   a lot   from   that   experience   also.   When   my   grandmother   passed   away   May   of   06’   I   promised   her   I   would   work   as   hard   as   I   can   to   achieve   my   goals   and   dreams   of   becoming   a   highly   qualified,   experience,   and   competent   nurse.  

An   efficient   nurse   is   the   one   who   provides   primary   care,   communicates   with   a...

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