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My school day My usual school day starts at about seven o'clock, but if we have a zeroth lesson I have to wake up at half past six. The “zeroth lesson days” are very difficult and tiring for me, because I am sleepy. I leave house at eight o'clock, in case of zeroth lesson I leave house at quarter past seven. In some cases I can not arrive to the school at time, for example when I am very tired I am used to sleeping a few minutes more. Normal lessons start at quarter past eight, “zeroth lesson days” start at about half past seven +- 10 minutes (it differs from subject-to-subject or more accurately it depends on an agreement between a teacher and students). Lessons in Slovak schools last forty-five minutes, after a lesson we have a short break which lasts 10 minutes and in the middle of the day we have the big break which lasts 20 minutes. Every school day we finish at a different time, but it is always at about 2 pm. Every subject in a Slovak school system is compulsory, but in 3th and 4th grade you have to choose from some optional subjects which should prepare you for your next life (for example studies at a university). You are obliged to prepare for a lesson, otherwise you play with a flame – you can be proofed. We do not stay all the day in the same classroom, for most of the subjects we have to move to another classroom. Some subjects like Physics have their own “special classroom”. For Physical Education our school has two training halls and one little gym. Actually I do not have any favourite subject, I have subjects which I hate and the others. I like English, Civics, History, Geography and sometimes Literature. I do not think that things learned at school are very important and useful in my next life (for example I will not work in any Chemistry or Biology oriented areas). It could be exciting, interesting and didactic, but

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