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My school | My school is known to have an excellent reputation in the district and to give an extended knowledge of many subjects. I am proud of being a pupil of my school.Needless to say, that it’s provided with all the necessary audio and video equipment, has roomy classes and a comfortable sports ground. Chemistry, physics and biology are taught in classes with small science laboratories.Speaking about my school I can’t help saying about our computer class in which we familiarize with modern computer programs, learn to operate the information and can attend supplementary lessons. As for our Assembly Hall it is also spacious and well decorated and all the pupils and teachers get together in it to celebrate school holidays or to see performances, prepared by the teachers’ membership and senior pupils for Christmas and New Year.Thanks to our teachers we have a possibility to acquire good knowledge of English and Russian, mathematics, Russian and English literature, physics and other necessary subjects.They are strict but ready to help us, if we can’t catch up with the class. They teach us to be responsible, to get good habits, to think independently.It is no secret that not all the pupils are satisfied with the methods of teaching, but I suppose that we can see the same situation in every school. There are people who are rebels by nature and it’s normally. As for me, I consider our teachers to be highly qualified persons and simply good people, who help us to cope with various difficulties and treat us with respect.I think it necessary that I should tell you about our out-of-school activities. We have a beautiful dance studio and a workroom for those who are fond of painting, and a lot of my friends attend dancing lessons and classes of art.Besides, every summer pupils go on a two-weeks’ trip with our teachers.On the whole I am satisfied with the level of

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