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RING! The bell rings as kids jump out of their seats and run into the hallways. Our school is amazing because of the food, after school activities, and the kid lounge. To Begin With, Buddy Taylor Middle School serves delicious and nutritional meals for breakfast and lunch. All of the food that is served at my school is packed with flavor. Most schools just put salt in order to add flavor. Buddy Taylor Middle adds a variety of herbs and spices to each meal. For example, our homemade debiled eggs. We put the water on a high for it to come to a boiling point, and as it boils we put in 15 eggs at a time. We wait a short 7 minutes and the eggs are done, You slowly peel the shell off not leaving a shell in sight. Cut the egg on its long side and take out all of the yolks and put them into one bowl. I put a spoon full of mayonnaise and a sprinkle of salt., and I slowly stir the ingredients. After that process is done , I put my yolk in a pastry bag and squeeze some into the egg. I set them on a pan but NEVER forget the light sprinkle of herbs to add to the appearance. That's why the students of Buddy Taylor look forward to lunch everyday. In Addition, to the mouth watering food, Buddy Taylor provides extra curricular activities such as, sports, field trips, and clubs. Since I love sports and being athletic, I decided to try out for the cheer squad. For most of the sports you have to try out, but its a great learning experience and if you don't make it the first time they're is always a next year. For our cheer season, we have practice 3 days of the week and side line on Saturday. Aside from doing regular cheers on the sideline we also have seasonal competitions. When that time comes around, we learn how to throw skills, stunt, and the best part are dances. Buddy Taylor Eagles stand out more in the crowd and on the mat because we have glowing smiles, tight

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