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Three years ago, I graduated from eighth grade and was super excited, yet a tab bit nervous to move forward to high school. What made me nervous the most was the work load, meeting new friends and also peer pressure. But despite all my fears, I thought “Hey, this would all my over at 3 o’clock.” So you can imagine what I thought that summer day, when my parents introduced Southland. “This will be a great experience for you! You’ll be the first graduating class, a great academic program, and also a nine hour school day..” (insert shocked face) This/that’s actually how my face looked! Nine hours a day? I might as well be get a pay check every week. So, I started during my research and slowly but surely, my guard started to let down. From my understanding, Southland was created to provide a high quality, flexible school alternative that would be open to all students, and enable them to reach a challenging state performance standard. In addition, Southland would offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, that would serve to prepare students to be productive citizens in a global society. Easily, those factors had a major influence on my decision to attend Southland College Prep. I soon learned that my trepidation about entering was misplaced. So, I went back to my parents and I believe my exact words were, “Southland is where I want to be.” They, as well as I, knew that this decision would enable me to achieve all my potential in an environment that is dedicated to learning. With an anticipated enrollment of 500 students by the year 2014, I was very convinced a smaller school population would work to my advantage, and I was right! I’m presently apart of the National Honor Society at Southland College Prep with a cumulative GPA of 4.59. These major achievements was nurtured by the individualized instruction given by my supportive teachers, and also the drive and

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