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My ideal school would be a language immersion school with a strong emphasis in creative arts. Throughout the school day the students will have their core curriculum classes in the language they chose to study. There are two languages to choose from; Spanish and French. While the students are in these classes they will be fully immersed. Meaning, they will read, speak, and write in their language of choice. There has been much research stating that students who study in a dual language program have greater nonverbal problem-solving abilities and more flexible thinking abilities. This school will also have a strong emphasis in creative arts. Students will have the choice of dance, theater, or art to study in depth. Students will spend half of the day learning the art form they choose. Art helps students developed critical intellectual thinking. It also can create a passion within the student. Teachers at this school will be native speakers of the language they are teaching. That way the students can learn to speak with a natural accent. Teachers will also teach them the culture of the countries they are from to create an understanding and appreciation of diversity. Any teacher that is teaching an art form will have to show that they are competent in that area. We will only allow teacher that show competence either by being in the field for many years or have and gained an understanding of teaching it to students. They will also have to show they are able to meet all teaching dispositions required by the state of North Carolina. Teachers will have a difficult interview process. They will undergo an interview with the principle and vice principle, they will have to teach a mock class to students of the school, and also be approved by the bored. This school will be a charter school located in Statesville, North Carolina. This means we are a public school. We are

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