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MY SCHOOL My school is called EGSŠ and is located not far away from the old mediaeval town center of Radovljica. Compering to some other secondary school there are flowers all around our school and there are graffits on the wall that were drown by our students. There are three four-year programs at our school, namely economic grammar school, economic technical and media technical. Program that students are thought by many teachers, who are hardworking and keen on preparing us for life. At the beginning of June the fourth-graders are taking a vocational or gradual matura exam. In my opinion the teachers are preparing us thoroughly in order to achieve good results. Beside the teaching staff there are other employees, such as a counselor, administrative and technical staff, a secretary, an accountant, a TI administrator, a caretaker and cleaners. These are the people that make school function. During the breaks and free lessens students can while away the time in our school library which offers a wide variety of reading materials. The most popular ones are magazines. However, if you do not feel like reading or using the computer you can have a snack or a drink in the canteen, where the kitchen staffs welcome the students with the smile on their faces. The students can choose a numerous co-curricular activities, from sports days and field trips to students exchanges. The school enables the students to take part in many projects. We are really proud to be ECO school. Although we are not always satisfied with our grades and the teachers attitude towards us, I think there are more positive things to be found that negative. Nika Koncilja

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