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If someone asked me: "Where are you from?" I will confidently reply: "I come from Tan Tao University"! Initially you will feel unfamiliar with the name "Tan Tao University," but let’s try to go with Tan Tao University, come to me so that you can experience a modern University environment, creative,friendly, close to nature with the emotional relationship with teachers, friends! At first sight, my feeling is overwhelmed by a magnificent school,the vast space, ! A river "pink lotus" drink eel, a green lawn, a paper flower truss bloom, the trees and an avenue ... I don’t know when they have been familiar to me. This scene gave me a feeling that I will stand on the way that I'm going to find in the future: being an adult, ready to face difficulties and challenges to achieve success. Standing in this space , close your eyes and dismiss smile and take a deep breath then exhale,you will be ready to face all difficulties and overcome all easier.! The flow of fresh air that crowded city where you can hardly enjoy will get rid of all your concerns. Seriously! Let’s try ! English was once a popular haunt of me! Are you so ? But then things become really interesting, become a passion to learn, and English is an indispensable friend of mine. It's amazing when English is a rope that is connected between me and you. Whatever you are, wherever you come ,we are not strangers anymore if you can speak English. Do not worry if you are not currently able to speak English! Make an effort, try to train in an environment where there are many professional teachers and always willing to help, chat, share with you any difficulties. Your English will improve quickly and efficiently that you have ever expected . But it will be difficult if you have not tried yourself. Are you embarrassed to say an apology to someone who you made hurt! Do you ever forget to say thank you to people

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