My Safe House” Essay

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My Safe House” It was dry season. In Bufuu village, there were two seasons only – the dry and rainy seasons. Bih looked down from the balcony, everything was covered in dust. Kids were playing outside in three inches of dust and chanting, “Dust, dust everywhere and not a chance to breathe!” They called the dust the government’s free powder for the poor. They were running in all directions and one would have thought they were out of hand. No, they were happy, happy to be free and to play. Even the dogs, pigs, goats and chickens were also among this playful crowd. Kids really love to play! Yet there was an uneasy calm hung in the air. At the end of this street, there were very old huts roofed with fresh palm leaves. Inside each hut, were four to six benches placed opposite. These huts were called “the old man’s resting place”. The men went in there as they returned to sign their names before heading home. Here they sat on the benches and drank some white liquid called “Muluh.” from little plastic cups. Muluh was the local drink that was tapped from the palm tree. It was sweet yet very intoxicating if one drank too much of it. These men like the children were happy. From the balcony Bih could see the busy, dusty and narrow street. The women were returning from the farms carrying old baskets and logs of wood on their heads. Life was normal as people went about their daily business. This was an uneasy peace. The Bufuu people were a very joyous community. They wine and dine with each other. In Bafuu, most of the men, women and children were illiterate. They were also very poor and had no access to any news media. Breaking News! “There has been an attempted coup d’états which has been foiled and everything is under control.” Those responsible will be punished for this. Does this mean a civil war is imminent? Bih pondered. Bih stood perplexed in the center of the

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