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I have always wondered why some places are really important to some people. When I say places, it could be a beach, mall, house, friend’s house, and even school. In my case, it is my room. My room is everything to me. That is the only place where I feel the most comfortable and secure in the whole world. My room is a place where I can relax and concentrate on studying. My room is very clean and organized even though sometimes it will get messy. I always wanted my own room ever since I was a kid, but did not get it until I was nineteen. My room is on the second floor. There are only two rooms in the second floor. One is my brother’s and the other one is mine. When I enter my room, the first thing I see is myself, because I have a mirror placed on the wall opposite to my door. There is a computer table in front of that mirror, which has my desktop computer on it. That computer has all my information. I do my banking, shopping and small business transaction through that computer. Some pictures of my friends and me are positioned on top of this computer table. My bed is placed opposite this computer table. In between the mirror and my bed, there is a small table that has my bible, my alarm clock, my phone and all the other small personal things. Above that small table, I have my one and only window. If I look through that window, I can see the next house and the cars on the street. I have some three-dimensional [3-D] posters of cars on my wall. I have a shelf and a closet on the other side of my bed. I keep all my clothes and jackets in that closet. Like the window, that is the only closet that I have in my room. I have a small collection of books and music CDs on the shelf. Some of the books are from India, where I am from. My textbooks from school also go to that shelf. I will never have

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